Yogi Bhajan, Giving & Seva

If you do not do Seva, give selfless service, 

you have just let your soul go hungry. 

Selfless service to others is the food of the soul.


Gilda Smith LMT, NMT, PDMT, IPT and Certified Yoga instructor

Graduated from Pennsylvania School of Muscle therapy in 2001, Gilda has continued to make education of the science of the body a priority in her massage therapy career. She has studied various Pfrimmer deep muscle therapy, cranial sacral, Heller myofascial, neuromuscular therapy, yoga therapy, this massage, osteopathic positional release therapy and SMRT. Gilda continues to grow with her daily regiment of studying anatomy and kinesiology. Gilda has also received the privilege to study with a master Rolfer, Bill Harvey to learn biodynamic therapy.

She believes in stoking the fire of practical knowledge continuously. Her effort benefits her clientele, enables her to read the body much like she reads her books.
Gilda uses her skilled bodywork experience to bring balance and integrity to the healing system that is facilitated when we are in alignment. She believes in turning off the cycle of flight or fight to the zen, digest and rest. Massage therapy, yoga and meditation aid in the neurological exchange so vital for our well-being. Besides the art of her Masaage, Gilda uses kinesio taping and cupping to achieve longer lasting goal. She also highly recommends yoga and self care to maintain the bodywork you will receive. 

She is very passionate about her gift, she inspires other massage therapists, teaching continuing education on the east coast for Elite. Another accomplishments working with Eagles football player and acquiring various accounts, i.e. practicing at University of Pennsylvania, Temple ambler, Einstein Hospital, Marriott Hotel, Enon tabernacle and many more. She contracted to practice massage therapy at the Ambler YMCA, growing to four locations over eleven years. Gilda has maintained her private practice and relocated to a urban spa study in West Mt Airy. She also practice at the Cynwyd Club and Jtown hot yoga.

Gilda’s Spa experience, Citrus Salon and day spa and the Rittenhouse Hotel, both establishments require excellence.


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